The World's First Studio Accessory Storage System


The biggest upgrade for the smallest tools in your studio. Jackblox are tailor made for the modern musician, producer, engineer and audiophile alike.

All Your Audio Adapters. Now In One Place.

You've lost enough of them. Keep the keystone of connection to all your studio gear conveniently and stylishly organized with Jackblox. Each Jackblock is CNC milled to the highest degree of accuracy, allowing you to store any of the currently supported adapters with satisfying precision. 

Modular & Magnetic.

Cleverly equipped with three neodymium magnets on the side and bottom faces, Jackblox can attach to any of its siblings in a number of configurations. Place them on your studio desk, or mount them to a spare panel on your outboard gear rack for easy access to your audio adapters.

The Newest Studio Eye Candy.

Jackblox feature a bespoke design meant to compliment any music studio aesthetic. Every model is constructed using premium anodized 6061 aluminum alloy, detailed with smooth beveled edges and corners. We finished each one off with a sleek laser engraved logo and top face adapter label.

Meet The Jackblock

Explore the finer details of Jackblox with our interactive 1/4" & 1/8" 3D models.

What Music and Audio Professionals Are Saying

Jackblox are my studio’s mystery box. They instantly become a conversation piece with any artist or client that comes to work...for both their utility and look.

Luca Zadra

Platinum/Multi-Gold, 2x Grammy Nominated Recording Engineer & Producer | Kanye West, Young Thug, Drake, Alicia Keys

They keep all of my adapters perfectly at hand when I need them.

Kaz Rodriguez

World-Renowned Drummer, Composer and Music Director | Josh Groban, Sinead Harnett, Jessie Ware, Cirque du Soleil

Each Jackblock has such a quality, weighted feel to it. Plus the magnets on the sides and bottom are perfect for organizing them however I need, wherever I need.

Matthias Biermann

Internationally Synced Composer & Producer | Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, Vogue Italia, Lexus

They’re just so sleek, but still super useful. They’re like the cherry on top for my studio setup that makes it feel extra clean and pro.

Eric Downs

Music Director & Touring Drummer | Hailee Steinfeld, Benson Boone, Gunnar, Allie X

The New Kid On The Block

Jackblox are the first of their kind, proudly taking the music and audio world by storm.